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Credit Card Processing

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MPI is proud to offer some of the best buy rates for merchant services in the industry due to its direct registration. As a direct, registered ISO, we offer you buy rates that surpass that “middle men.' MPI has also forged partnerships with multiple vendors to allow placement of merchants that need alternative solutions.

Let us help you broker the best deal for your merchant!

Credit Card Statement Analysis

Our sales management team, with 15 years of combined experience, will help you with statement analysis. We can help you with interchange knowledge, SIC Code pricing, and AMEX savings.

Credit Card Terminals

MPI’s FREE Apple Pay Terminal Program will allow you to open the door to many merchants. Offering a free terminal while promoting Apple Pay/Soft Card and EMV, will give you the cutting edge to increase your portfolio in 2015. 

Virtual Terminals & Gateways

MPI’s Gateway solution will allow you to approach merchants who need basic virtual terminals. Our solution will also allow you to promote additional services that will increase your revenue:

  • Shopping cart solutions
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Online POS Solutions
  • Recurring Billing
  • Mobile Payment

Apple Pay, NFC & Mobile Solutions!

MPI can offer integrated payment applications for smart phones including iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, and many others. Mobile credit card processing allows merchants to reduce chargeback risks and receive swiped rates for businesses that have historically only qualified for key-entered rates.

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