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Additional Products

Getty Images Gift Cards.jpgGift & Loyalty Card Programs

Increase commission and ongoing residual with offering your merchants our comprehensive Gift/Loyalty Program. 

Gift Cards
Give your merchant’s client base a sleek and secure way of gifting their products or services. Gift cards create additional revenue for products and services that are redeemed at a later date. 

Loyalty Cards
Our customizable loyalty program allows you to help your merchants build a loyalty program that allows them to reward their loyal clientele base. 

Combo Cards
Combo cards allow you to help a merchant market themselves in a cost efficient and progressive way. Help them build their business and your residual income!

Bonus Features
Track gift and loyalty card sales with ease by utilizing MPI's progressive reporting website. Promote card registration with customers and send text (SMS) and/or e-mail blasts with specials, sales, birthday discounts, and more!

ATM Machines & Services

MPI offers merchants a host of ATM machines and services. Merchants can give patrons the ability to access cash at their locations, increasing sales! and foot traffic!

New & Refurbished Equipment
Make up front commission on installing and selling ATM Hardware. MPI offers an extensive list of new and refurbished ATM machines. Brand new machines allow merchants the ability to offer cutting edge, streamlined ATM services to their merchants. Refurbished machines allow merchants the ability to make an investment into significantly less expensive ATM solutions.

Earn Surcharge Income
Unlike many competitors, MPI allows its merchants and agents to own their ATM and collect the surcharge from transactions. In addition to the upfront commission for installation and hardware sales, the ongoing residual is another revenue stream to add to your portfolio. 

Wireless ATMs
Offer seasonal or pop-up merchants the ability to have a portable ATM. 

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