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Online Resources

Paper Orders

Need to restock a merchant or your supply? Submit your order online from anywhere! Whether it's for a terminal or POS equipment, MPI has you covered. Full paper pricing is available on the CRM.

Online Orders

File Build Requests

Merchant looking to upgrade or replace their terminal? Submit your file build online and a member of our customer service team will start the process right away!

File Build Request

Internal Checklist

Submit an internal checklist to a complete updates to a new or existing merchant.

Internal Checklist

Merchant Updates

Did your merchant recently contact you with an information update? Let customer service know immediately and we can gather the proper documentation required to complete the legal update. 

Merchant Update

Lavu Online

Submit your Lavu deal online and select the items personalized to your merchant! Grab your credentials from the CRM for agent discounts and pricing!

Lavu Store

Agent Updates

Have you moved recently? Updated your business information? No matter what the detail, make sure you let the sales team know, so we can be sure your residual payments are up-to-date. Contact us today and let us know what needs to be changed. Additional documents may be needed.

Agent Update


Sales Tools

Looking for a flyer to summarize all the highlights of MPI's products? View our agent resources for payroll, Lavu and more! These flyers are free for our agents to download! Looking for a co-branded doc, featuring your information? These are available on the CRM.

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CRM 101

MPI's CRM can do more than track your application status. Learn how to monitor portfolio notes, ticket submissions and merchant interactions by viewing quick tutorials on each subject. 

Learn More!

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